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This is my interpretation of Jake Chambers from Stephen King’s –  The Dark Tower. The book has a wide variety of characters to choose from each  with distinct features that I could use as inspiration for a character. 

The reason for picking Jake, was the challenge of creating a boy with smaller  proportions, an ageless face with zero/no wrinkles and displaying the boy’s personality and emotion of the scene though body language, setting, colours and expression.  

This is a scene from the first book, The Gunslinger. Were the main  protagonist “Roland” is travelling with Jake. Whilst having to leave him for an evening  alone at their campsite in a deserted twisted version of fields/woodlands. The boy waits patiently for Roland's return, and practices making a campfire of his own, having watched Roland build one.  This scene isn’t described, as the story follows Roland upon leaving Jake. However throughout reading I was intrigued and absorbed with imagining Jake alone at the campsite. 


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